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Amigos de la Sevilleta


The Friends Group for Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge


Members make Amigos possible and membership is open to all.  Amigos de la Sevilleta raises money through member’s fees and special events.  Grants and store sales also contribute.  We help by volunteering in a variety of jobs at the refuge.  We educate people about the refuge through our newsletter and at tours and activities at the refuge and in the surrounding communities.



Amigos de la Sevilleta – Who are we?


Amigos de la Sevilleta (Amigos) is the Friends Group for Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge.  Since 2007, we have worked to help with education and research at the refuge. We are dedicated to preserving the natural and historical resources in the 359 square miles of the refuge.

Amigos de la Sevilleta is a nonprofit group, a 501c(3) organization, so all the donations made to us not only help to do the work of Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge but are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

  Join Amigos to support Sevilleta.


  The Visitor Center’s Nature Store is run by Amigos.  You can find special items there like toys and clothing that relate to the unique resources of the refuge.  We also provide a variety of field guides and other books that teach about the biological and cultural resources of the refuge.

We help with public events like tours and we bring special speakers to the refuge.  We help bring school groups by paying the cost of school buses.  We pay for research equipment like the radio tracking collars used by scientists at the refuge.  We sit at the front desk and greet visitors to the refuge who come from all over the world to see the refuge.


Amigos members also help with refuge management programs, habitat restoration projects and the Gunnison's prairie dog reintroduction program.

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